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Dear colleagues and friends,


In the European Year of Volunteering, AmCham and BCAF encourage you and your colleagues to contribute once again time and talent to our community and be a part of our


Save the Date & Join Us on

May 28 (Saturday), 2011



 to TEACH others



at social institutions for children and elderly people, cultural institutions, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, natural parks and other places, where volunteer labour, information or any kind of external support is most needed.



-   Each company should appoint a coordinator for the volunteer day, and, if needed – a coordinator for each location/city, where employees will be volunteering. The coordinator will be responsible for sending out the invitation to company’s employees, signing up the groups for each project on BCAF website and communicating with AmCham/BCAF if needed.


-  It is possible to apply for another types of voluntary work or location, which are not listed here - we will do everything possible to help with organization, just describe your ideas in detail and contact us – please, remember to give us the contact details of the coordinator/volunteer, who is responsible for this project/location and, if possible, the contact details of the institution/organisation that will be hosting the volunteers. Please contact us with details about your project till May 13, 2011.


  - There is no participation fee for the companies; however companies are expected to cover the expenses of their volunteer project, such as transportation costs, materials for the project (gloves, paint, brooms, etc.), any food, etc. The company coordinator is responsible for contacting the hosting organisation/s and arranging the details about payment and delivery of the necessary materials for the volunteer day /where applicable/.


- The company could provide a financial donation for any of the projects, even if you cannot participate with volunteers.


How to register




Step 1. Prepare a list of volunteers and register the numbers for each location on BCAF website: http://www.volunteering.bcaf.bg/dobrovolci.aspx  




We will appreciate if the registrations per company are done by one person – the company coordinator for the volunteer day.

Please find attached a sample_letter_to distribute among your colleagues.

Volunteer’s Manual

10 important things to know before you start working




Please, register till May 20, 2010. 

For additional information please contact:


AmCham Office                               BCAF Office
Milena Milenkova                              Iva Yankulova


phone: 02/ 9 742 743                         phone 02/ 981 19 01


cell: 0888 640 123                             cell: 0882 435 125

e-mail: milena@amcham.bg               e-mail: iva@bcaf.org

We Look Forward To Seeing You At The Spring Volunteer Day 2011
May 28 (Saturday), 2011 


















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